1 Day Madden 17 Tournament

Greetings Potatoes!

I will be hosting a Madden 17 Tournament on Saturday June 10th at 8pm EST. Madden 17 is included for the EA Vault, so all of you EA Access members can participate. There will be prizes to the top 3 finishers.


  • Single Elimination (based on participants)
  • Random Seeding
  • All-Pro Difficulty
  • 5 Min Quarters
  • No accelerated play clock
  • Pick any team you want (multiple teams are allowed)

@TEXENT @anon42851937 @beers_and_leafs @FetalInjury @mnvikesfan @Elgr8one @Rlile11

Yaaaaaay I’m in.

Come on guys, y’all can do a one day tourney!

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I forgot @D1G1TALC1PHERS

Sure, I mean how long can it be if it’s single elimination?

I figured I would sit out. Give someone else a chance to win a title.

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I have drill that day so I can’t play, but I would be down for the next one.

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you got it @bigtrees86, I’ll keep you in the loop if the date changes or if we do another one.

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I don’t have my schedule around but if i don’t work i’m in!

Hey Guys - just found out I will need to change the date due to some family stuff. I am going to throw out a poll and go from there.

  • Sunday June 4th - Noon EST
  • Saturday June 17th - 8pm EST
  • Saturday June 24th - 8pm EST

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See above Poll.

@TEXENT @anon42851937 @beers_and_leafs @FetalInjury @mnvikesfan @Elgr8one @Rlile11 @YVOVD @bigtrees86

I can’t do June 17th, i’ll be out of town. Either other date work.