10 Maps for RB6 at launch

There’s going to be 10 maps at RB6’s launch. More are scheduled as DLC (go figure).

Rainbow Six Siege is set to launch with ten maps, though more will be released down the line according to one of the game’s developers.

Speaking to PC Gamer, level designer Benoit Deschamps confirmed how many maps would be included when the game is released, explaining the final figure was whittled down from from a pool of over 50 potential concepts.


10 Maps seems a little on the low side for RB6 game, but I will be happy if the game actually launches on time regardless of how many maps it has.

Just got my code for the Beta coming out on the 24th .

Well it missed that. I’ll be shocked if it’s still good for December.

Don’t worry about just 10 Maps. All future RB6 DLC will be free! This is awesome news, no more DLC Divide between players. This is a HUGE problem with CoD AW and matchmaking right now. The only to find Matchmaking games in AW now is to either have all of the map DLC or none. You won’t find any games if you have partial DLC.

Anyway, I’m really excited for RB6 now.

“At launch, Rainbow Six Siege will have 11 maps, playable both day or night, all using the full potential of our Real Blast destruction technology,” the publisher said in a statement, “In addition, all post-launch maps will be downloadable for free. We want players to stay with us for the long term and have ambitious post-launch plans that we will detail at a later stage.”

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But they’ll be able to get one shot kill weapons and God Mode from microtransactions.

Lol! Not really