12/15 - PUBG anyone tonight?

Wife going out with girlfriends, so have the free and clear for some glorious gaming. Would love to get a group going and try something other than the solo game.

Tag the newly created @PUBGPlayers group.

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Texas and I will be on around 8. I may be on earlier than that.

Cool - I’ll be on as soon as I get through dinner with the daughter. Of course snowing now, so knowing my luck wife’ll cancel plans…

Just found out I’ll be free to do what I want tonight so I’ll be jumping into some PUBG if there’s any parties open.

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Do the squad a favor and play solo. It’s not like you’re going to land in the same time zone everyone lands in.


Might be on tonight to try this out

I would’ve landed next to you but the cross winds kept blowing me around.

We had some good runs tonight. Poor @APMech12 with zero luck. He’s the only person I’ve seen that died to the mortar rounds (or whatever they are). Also, he hops off my buggy for a second to get instantly run over by another squad. The timing on their part was perfect.

GG @necrofraggle @APMech12 and @QUICKx5150

Yeah that mortar was just crap luck there. Standing in a entry way and wham I was down. Other than that we had some decent games. PUBG is def a good time with a squad.

Had a couple of good duo games with @Hogarthehuge - even a mistaken squad game with two randoms where we got down to the last two (and then I managed to get killed, losing our dinner). HUGE potential with this game IMO, despite the 4 person squad limit.

They need to allow you to get into a game with just 3 people instead of queue up and wait for 1 random (which never joins). Fortnite allows this.

So does PUBG on PC.

Then wtf?

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