19 OG XB Games hit the backwards Capability List

Dont remember Atari, NES, Super NES…Maybe the Xbox was your first console. …and if so…just maybe you miss some of your old games.

If that is the case, worry no more because Microsoft is pushing 19 OG XB games onto the list with more to come later. Check out the article for the games and the dates.

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Destroy all humans=fantastic!

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JADE EMPIRE! Awesome BioWare rpg set in Asian mythology. You can master various martial arts styles. Talk to gods that look like animals. My favorite was Drunken Master. Your buddy throws wine bottles at you while you pull off the moves. Can’t wait to get into it again!
Hunter: The Reckoning! Hack and slash set in the same world as the rpg published by White Wolf if I recall. They did Vampire: the masquerade and Werewolf: the apocalypse along with a few others. 4 player multiplayer. Probably only over LAN for this iteration though. Might have to start running coax cable to and from all the GRG members homes.

A plethora of Star Wars games!


Those bastards are going to make me buy too many damn games!


As much as I loved the Jedi Knight series I don’t see myself going back. Nostalgia is an awesome thing but every time I try to go back to OG xbox or 360 games I just can’t get into them.

It probably has to do with all the unplayed modern games I have sitting around on steam and xbox.


I agree, I’ve been lured in by nostalgia for other BC games, and for me it’s just brutal playing them at this point. There’s a reason technology has advanced and we aren’t playing OG or 360 anymore.

However gimme a N64 and Goldeneye and let’s see


I have tried to play Goldeneye again. It lasted about 3 games. It really shows it’s age.