1980 Abarth Fiat 131

I tried using this car for Classic Rally races on Sunday Night Driving with GRG. I did get the rally suspension and tires but the RWD was KILLING me. I could not keep this thing straight or on the road.


I swapped the drive train out for AWD. I upgraded it to A class, have it up to A799 (all I can do) I had to manually add some things. I aslo made sure the rally tires and suspension was on. And the Tire on the roof, the old school rally bumper and lights and some bad ass mud flaps.

This car is bad ass now. I really want to bring out it on Sunday night for some more Rally car madness.

This is a Lala Calamari MUST BUY. I highly recommend it.

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I’ll have to get a pic and some video up on it. I didn’t think of it tonight.

I’d be down for some more rally, maybe we should do all rally cars to keep it fresh.

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I’m up for that. There’s a few classes of rally cars. I’m not sure if you can set up a race and pick just those. I think it’s just all a specific class (d,c,b,a,s1 etc) or Style (classic rally, retro, modern). I’m also menu-tarded so I am probably not the best to answer that.