2 Possible New PC Gaming Crew Members for Destiny 2 & More

I know there’s a couple of peeps who run Destiny 2 on PC that I’ve been talking to in Discord.

Anyway. I have 2 buddies that are gonna be joining the site (both in their 30’s), that I game with regularly. They both play Destiny 2 and a few other titles. So I’d like to get them in on the festivities. The 3 of us also play Remnant and Monster Hunter World quite a bit. Trying to get them to take the plunge on the Master Chief Collection so we can run that as well.

I told them to join the site and post so they can get added to the clan and whatnot.


hey man we are starting to get organized on the PC side for raiding and such…i’m setup on both xbox and pc now…we plan to make run a t raiding this Thursday…my point is this is perfect timing


Cant wait. Just a heads up though…im not great. I quit playing before forsake dropped and started playing again about a month or so.

I main a Titan, which is at 1060 light right now with my main weapons. Ill run any subclass. I like to swap it around. But im working on getting all the pve exotic weapons I can before the great vaulting.

@valiantvictory - what time we gonna kick this thing this evening? I get out of work at 6pm EST and it usually takes me an hour or two to get home and get dinner taken care of.

Lets plan on a 9pm start…i will try to be early to help ppl get comms setup on discord