2 Xbox 1 Account

So how does this work? I am wanting to pick up an extra Xbox. I was going to grab Battlefield V and Amazon has an Xbox S with Battlefield V for $199. It seems like I remember @Lala_Calamari talking about he and his son sharing games on 2 different Xbox. Is this possible? How do you do that? My son plays on my account. Can I have 2 Xbox set up in the basement with my account on both playing the same game with only buying 1 version of the game?

  1. Create a new silver account on the new xbox
  2. Sign out of that account and log into your account on the new xbox
  3. Set new xbox as your home xbox
  4. Log your account out of new xbox and log son’s new account in
  5. Log you account back into your old xbox

Now you can game share.

Edited to add: If you want once you setup the new xbox as your home xbox you can delete your account off it or you just need to set his account as the one that auto signs in.


I am going to use the new Xbox as my Xbox and let him have the old one. I assume I can set him up a silver account on the old one and do the same thing? I am just giving him the game for Christmas, not the Xbox.

If you are doing that all you need to do is create a new account for him. The xbox is already set as your home xbox. Then just log into new xbox with your account.

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I do same with my daughter. Now my son has one though :frowning:

For future reference, that is exactly how you do it on PS4 too, just swap out some of the terminology.