2xp Whoring With Peameal Bacon and Beer [XB1]

No private matches this time just Hardcore matches - DOM and KC. No sense in playing 2xp if you’re not going to play the game modes with lots of xp.

First come first serve…

Join on beers and leafs for some hot, sexy times.

Originally published at: http://grimreapergamers.com/events/2016/02/2xp-whoring-peameal-bacon-beer-xb1/

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@beers_and_leafs will be running the rooom.

Oh yeah, we will probably have more than one room running for 2XP.

Sweet! I’ll check it out. @Zombiekiller001 how bout bout you?

I’ll be on and willing to play hardcore let’s rip shit up

I’ll be there! :+1:

working overtime that night but anyone interested in running Saturday night let me know

I have a house warming party Saturday so I may be drinking but I’ll be on at some point

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hey I will be there It will giveme a good chance to meet some of the cod peeps since I’m still new here and trying to game with as many of you as a can


Just look for one of us that are on and hop into the party or message for invite. We’ll get you in some games.

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