5 Destiny 2 raids are leaving


@destinyplayers but we have time, we have until November 9th to get this done.

We’ve created a google form to help us track who still needs what…please fill out so GRG can help you get this ring…
if you want it…

Here are the stats for what we want to get done… we have approximately 16 weeks…

I project 16 runs maybe more maybe less depending on how many new ppl we can get though at a time, like 3 for Eater of Worlds but maybe only 1-2 crown.

lets try to get 2 (or more) done a week and we will not feel rushed later.

Wow… what a great weekend of raiding…we only scheduled 2 but we has some major sherpa help from @ezekielJP @Masonicmage @SourSmokE89 as well as others and completed 8 raid runs this past weekend. I think a group is trying to get a few more runs with some of those checkpoints before reset. That said with the exception of crown we’d like to schedule 1 more run of each of these raids to get people their clears.

I think we are looking at you @zosomagnus @Grex @snowflakerider0…lets figure out some times that work for all of you.

Thanks to everyone that raided this weekend to help make some great tater raiding for all.

Yup, any day after 9pm works for me. I will start getting on to get my light up in the meantime.