5 ways Star Trek could bring back Picard (and actually make it work)

I have a feeling him being at Starfleet Academy is the way they will go. There long have been rumors of them developing a show that takes place there and it makes sense as to where he would be.

Personally, 2 of those could work. The others are meh at best and would potentially piss off most trekies.

Star Fleet 90210


I’d watch, Brenda is such a bitch.

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Well, the narrator of an anthology animated series and head of Starfleet Academy are probably the best of those, although neither thrill me. The mind meld crossover and playing his ancestor are exactly what I fear they’ll pull, because I can’t stand the idea of either. The miniseries about post retirement Picard doesn’t do much for me either. Even though those smaller, quieter eps worked in TNG, they worked because they were a contrast, well written, and Stewart is a brilliant actor. Only one of those is a given in 2018.

Make it a comedy. Arrested Development: Star Trek. He can be like Ron Howard!

As long as they bring everybody’s favorite Dr. Pulaski back.

While Picard is by far my favorite Star Trek captain, the fact is TNG worked because of the core of that cast - Picard, Ryker, Troi, Data, LaForge, and Worf. I don’t really want to see Picard lead a different crew or be the Dean of Students at Starfleet Academy.