7 tips to get better at Gambit

Probably the best video I’ve seen on Gambit. If I had to add one thing he doesn’t really mention it would be if possible the best team set up would be this.

Titan with melting point
Hunter with Orpheus and tether
Warlock with Well of Radiance

4th is a toss up, between

Striker Titan with Skullfront Helmet or Hunter with Blade Barrage.

Hope this helps


Watched this just this AM…great video…but but Dr Datto my bow is my highest light and…“just no”

love it…so no bow for me from now on

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We were talking about this tonight and we also disagree about the bow. @brokain, @Johneffinggalt and we all agree that the bow is great. You’re able to hit targets from across the map and kill them. I always rock the bow in Gambit along with the Sleeper Simulant (this is way too OP for this game mode). The primary may change, right now I rock the Go Figure.

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Bow, shotgun and sleeper - then a ranged super.
I can usually cope with all scenarios - bar some invader supers and obviously their sleeper.

what i like the best about the bow is it has punch and accuracy of a sniper but i can still “see”…played without it last night…def affected my motes/kills numbers…but i did get 3 invaders with sleeper over the course of the evening…I generally liike the way Datto thinks…I just don’t get the bow comment