79yo Grandma Does Fallout 4 "Let's Play"

Source: If You're Going to Watch a Fallout 4 Let's Play, Make It Grandma Shirley's - Video Games - video game memes, Pokémon GO

Shirley Curry is a 79 year old grandmother who loves to game. She calls her subscribers her “grandkids,” and is the sweetest gamer you’ll ever watch. Shirley just started playing Fallout 4, but has also posted videos of her Skyrim playthrough, if that’s more your speed.


Gotta keep that mind going. Good for her on finding something that keeps her mentally active.


It’s proven gaming helps with that, even with Alzheimer’s.

Yea I was speaking from experience. My grandmother died with Alzheimers. She started to show signs of it after she quit doing things like driving and spending time with her friends. TV and the newspaper weren’t enough to keep her mind active and she slowly slipped away.

All the studies were coming out about gaming and Alzheimer’s around the time she passed. I would have tried to get her into it. I know a lot of nursing homes now have a Wii or some console for them to play on.

I’ll probably be gaming until I die for that reason.


She sounds hot.

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