A Battlefield 5 No BS review

Here is a video for those on the fence on BF5. I think it does an honest review of the game.


One of the things I disagree with this review is his complaint on missing the main iconic battles in the game (ie Invasion of Normandy). I feel like most of those have been done to death. Do we really need another beach invasion in a WW2 game?

Also, I feel that BF5 has 2 of the best battlefield maps in any Battlefield. Rotterdamn and Devastation. I really think both of those maps are very well done.

Finally, what sold me was the free DLC. Sure, it’ll probably take a year to release the first bit of content but this is a trend I want to see all games follow (get on board CoD!!!).


I may pick it up this holiday if on sale. BF1 just bored me.

I’ve been playing Grand Operations and it’s a good mix of game modes. Conquest is fun but it feels like it’s too much running around in circles.

I’ve been playing some frontlines. It’s running back and forth instead of circles.