A new old guy!

Well, I turn 50 this year in July and I’ve been gaming since 1976.

I’ve pretty much played everything on nearly every platform known to man.

I currently game on PC, PS4, and Xbone. My main games are Dark Souls / Bloodborne games, Fallout games, Elder Scrolls games (including ESO), Diablo III (I like it better on PS4 and Xbone because I’m not that great at mouse and keyboard anymore - Ugh! getting old!), Borderlands series, Tomb Raider series, and tons more. I like multi-player sometimes. But, I had a stroke in 2006. So, my reflexes aren’t what they were. So, no more competitive for me.

Other than that, I’m your typical mid-life crisis, grumpy at young ones, kind of guy! :wink:


Welcome to GRG

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Welcome to GRG


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Tanx! :smiley:

Will add you, TEXENT. :smiley:

Welcome aboard.

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Welcome bud! Feel free to drop me an Add, Im on x1. I delve into the games youve mentioned so by all means we should group up sometime!

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Ok. Sounds good, Quadro! Is that your XBL name?

GT - Quadrophenia 16

All GTs etc are linked to peoples profiles here. Click their name and it will show you all their tags for all systems they use on their profile mate.


Aha! I like your GT, Quadro! BEST album by The Who EVER! I’ve always been a Who fanatic!! :smiley:


Haha! Thanks man!
Honestly I got into them through my uncle, all of the likes of pink floyd etc
He passed in 2016, I was changing my GT due to the old one being DanLikesDam (Dam being Amsterdam) as I was sick of the question, Who’s Dam? Dan. Lol.
Seemed more appropriate and im not gonna lie, My mind goes blank when making user names etc so it just fit and that was that. Again, Welcome and I’ll catch up online! (Currently at work, Home in 1 hour 30 :laughing:)

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Welcome man I’m fairly new myself so a warm welcome to ya

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Hey Quadro,

I’m on the East Coast. So, I might be in bed at that point! I’ll be on the Discord if you have it. If I’m up, my status will be green.

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No worries! Im GMT but work the night shifts so ya can catch me at all hours online! I am on discord and in our GRG chats so will be sure to link up at some point!

Again, Welcome and see you online soon bud!

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Welcome Axes!

Added you on PS4 (Olz_3) and Steam (unobtainable).

I just recently got Diablo 3 on Xbox One, haven’t played any yet - obsessed with Persona 5 and Fortnite right now…


Welcome to GRG!

I see someone has already added you to @ESOPlayers and @PlayStationPlayers groups.

I added you to my XBox Friends list and sent an XBox Club invite.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

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Awesome! I will add you as well! :smiley:

Welcome to GRG! Sent FRs to you on PS and XB!

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Welcome, added…