A not so surprising return.

I was active within this community around a year or so ago - then I dropped off the face of the planet. It happens when you are traveling for work and get divorced.

At any rate - I am back and looking forward to playing with you shameless miscreants again. I’ve been on COD:WW2 lately - once I get back into the swing of things I’ll be adding more games to the library.

Hope all are well and see you around.


Welcome to…err, back to GRG

GT beers and leafs on the XBone

Welcome back. I know @beers_and_leafs will be happy to have more COD players.

Woooot glad you’re back, Cod and Pubg for me.

Welcome back. We usually have a COD room going a few times per week. Look for @beers_and_leafs as he usually heads them up. Or get some of the @codplayers group on your friends list.

Most of us are usually playing CoD or PUBG.

Welcome (back).

I won’t have you on my FR since I didn’t own my Xbox back then.
I’ll add you shortly (Olz 2).

Don’t own COD though.
I peaked in MW2 and have never managed to master the twitchy controls since…

Welcome back

Welcome back to GRG but I guess for me it should just be Welcome… I think… hell I don’t know… Glad you are here :smiley:

Welcome Back!
PUBG, Madden and The Division here.
Jump on in!

Welcome back to GRG! :vulcan_salute::alien:

Welcome back !

I know that feeling all too well – divorces suck. Welcome back to the suck :smiley:

Welcome back!

Welcome Back, feel free to add me Xbone GT SoggySwine

Welcome back.