AFK - Vacations and Gaming

Sup sup Reapers…Been out on the road traveling with family for the past few days…dogs whining, kid screaming, spouse side-seat driving…oh the joys of traveling. But all-in-all, it hasn’t been bad.

It has actually been nice to break away from the normal daily grind of work, even the aspects of falling into the same routine of firing up my gaming rigs and checking things out. However, as you can tell…I have found the internet connection…and ofc…my laptop is available. Everytime I travel I re-appreciate my laptop and the convenience it provides me. Last night for example…I HAD to break away and get some GEEK time in…Prior to leaving the house I found a old hard-copy of Fable: The Lost Chapters…That was installed last night…4 disc installation and product key at hand…no internet required…no steam registration…Flashbacks of the old ways were pleasant and welcomed.

So just a casual update… PC4Life

GHST out!


Enjoy the vacation!

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