All Aboard the hype train!

So we are a little more than 2 weeks out from launch the battlefront beta is over and I wanted to ask you all what your excitement level is for blops3? Personally the battlefront beta got me super hyped for blops3 as I think it reaffirmed to me that battlefront is basically a reskined battlefield 4 “I suck at battlefield” and that the most fun shooter coming out is call of duty

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As I’ve said before, I went into the BLOPS 3 beta expecting to hate it and cancel my pre-order. The beta completely changed my mind on the game and my pre-order is paid off. It was the most fun I’ve had in a CoD series in years.

I also can’t wait for large private clan nights again. I think that’s what I’m excited for the most. Private 18 player GRG only rooms, fuck yeah! Sticks and Stones on Nuketown, Rambo on Nuketown, a new Sandy Vag Match and the return of our inner Clan Tournaments!


The day can’t come soon enough. I’m ready for a real CoD GRG community night!


I am not excited for Blops3. I am excited for clan nights. Only reason I am getting the game. It should be a blast.

Battlefront is not even close to a reskined Battlefield. You may suck at both equally but they aren’t close to the same. Still not sure I am sold on it though. Big Star Wars fan but I don’t see a ton of people sticking with it. Private lobbies are a possibility but it will probably be to late.

COD will be the go to shooter for GRG until March 2016 IMO.

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I will play battlefront as I’ll play am willing to play whatever but II played that beta and it felt fairly similar granted I do blow at both so that probably skews my enjoyment

I’m looking forward to it. I also went into the beta ambivalent but had fun with it once I understood some of the new mechanics. I do think it’ll take the lions share of the clan playtime, certainly above Battlefront, which is why I’m going with BLOPS over Battlefront. Personally can’t support two FPSs given my sporadic gaming time.

I’m more excited for the new Zombies and for the MP campaign than I am for MP, but I’m ready and waiting.

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I didn’t try the beta but am looking forward to it from the feedback I have heard from you all.

But beers your my call of duty homie I need to know that if I log in on a random Thursday at 11:12 at night that you will be there for me to talk to.

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I’m excited for several titles, fallout 4, Halo, battlefront, but this is the first COD that Ive really gotten excited for in a while. I always play the COD titles but I really can’t wait for this one. I really enjoyed the beta and it seems they seemed to have made enough good changes to make it more enjoyable instead of just changing the movement mechanics. Really can’t wait for clan nights.

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Hell yea I am !!! Got bags packed and ready to load up on BLOPS III train . Halo V , RB6 , Star Wars Battlefront will be games I might pick up at a later date . Reasons are :
Halo V - Looks like a pretty up’ed Halo IV ( and I don’t trust 343 I to make games )
Rainbow VI - Buggy as hell
Battlefront - Was kind of bland and just did not have a fun feel about it .

Definately looking forward to Blops3. I played the shit out of Blops2 so i expect to get more out of this one with separate progression on all 3 modes

I’m Def excited for some Blops. Haven’t been this excited for cod in a while. 18 player clan nights sound dope!

Dixon I am SHOCKED… Let me know halo is.

Not getting dixon

Yeah, I’m looking forward to BO3. The beta converted me. It borrows heavily from other games (Titanfall), but it improved on every mechanic from those games that it added.

Excited for Stockpile game mode. Hopefully it is a real game mode

I didnt get to try the BO3 beta…however I have have stopped playing COD games since BO2. The only reason I will end up getting BO3 will prob be due to the overwhelming ppl that i know getting it as well. And i am a sucker for team games…so it will prob eventually happen. Though I did read somewhere that BO3 is also a revisit to the Old COD MW days as well…so I am somewhen interested on that aspect.

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I can’t tell you how many people in GRG, myself included, who were not going to get blops3, but who played the beta and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the most excited I’ve been for CoD since Blops2. This is one you shouldn’t pass up, even if you only play on community night with us.

I haven’t got it since Ghost. Beta was good enough for me to pick it up.