All I want For Christmas Is....

I didn’t see a thread of this type so I figured I would start one. The Holiday season is fast approaching and was wondering what was on everyone’s gift wishlist.

My list:

  1. Scuf Controller- probably won’t get it
  2. A new office/gaming chair-doable
  3. A new HD for my PS4- definate
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My List:

  1. A nintendo Wii U
  2. A PS4 Uncharted Bundle
  3. honestly nothing special
  1. Snowboard
  2. Snowboard boots
  3. Bindings
  4. Snowboard pants
  5. Car parts

Xbox One (only for Halo 5 really so…no?)

Laptop (nothing special just mine is giving me mild shocks)

Nintendo Wii (for some lighthearted casual games like Wii Party, Mario Kart, Wii Sports etc).

All I want is the Mets to get swept by the Royals.


I don’t really ask for things. I will ask to finally get banned from here though.

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By the time I finish writing my wishlist , Christmas would be over ( damn right I’m a needy person ) !!!

New Smart TV
Ghosts t-shirt
Shelving for my Walking Dead memorabilia

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If the do it, I will think about it.

Can it be my turd?

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a bigger paycheck.

a new bed mattress… mines old

yeah i dunno… ATV parts.

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A better quality turtle beach headset
and to finally get my gaming cave ( not likely to happen til spring next year crap!!!)

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A new fleshlight, mines caked shut.


Christmas is for the children. It, along with birthdays, are the only times in which we give them presents, which leads to us spending more than I’d like. Here’s what I want:

Christmas day off from work.
Financial means to give the kids great gifts.
A Lamar Odom weekend, minus the coma.

Seriously tho, this Christmas will be the first holiday I’ll get off in almost 4 years. I really don’t like what Christmas has become, the over exposed commercial nightmare that begins earlier every year. But I have young enough kids still that get such a satisfied, excited, and joyous look on their faces when then see all the gifts under the tree. So worth it. Other than that, bah humbug!


Bah fucking humbug. Cranky old bastard!

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Wouldn’t that be buhh humbug?


1: A job in Georgia or Florida
2: A new house/condo in Georgia or Florida
3: Beer

A voice
A new xbox one controller. Mine got wrecked by a little asshat

Fuck Christmas and fuck Georgia and florida, both equally.


What do I want…not a clue.

I heard there was a new formula for roofies. 10x stronger.