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One day, while enjoying an adult beverage and playing a game, I listened as two kids on the “squad” asked the clearly other older player if he was a “creeper”…he left the game…so did I. Since then I have been looking for other adults who, like me have found a renewed enthusiasm for gaming. Found this group and thought…YES!

So I’m here to drink booze, virtually shoot stuff, cuss every once and awhile (or frequently, depending on how the game is going…though I’m too old/busy with life to be a “try hard” gamer), let off steam and enjoy my rediscovered hobby with whoever wants to join me.

I look forward to “jumping in” with you!




Welcome to GRG!

What are you playing and what platform do you play it on?

Well, I’m tryhard all the time but that’s just how us MLG gamers are. Something @Giddy wouldn’t know about.

Recently been playing: Destiny, COD, Fortnite

Cautiously looking forward to the next Overwatch.

Play on Xbox & PlayStation.

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I am more of a simulator players myself, but recently picked up Hell Let Loose for the Series X and am loving it.

You should join our Discord and look for the next Wednesday Night Fortnite Fiasco.

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welcome to the asylum

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Hit up @valiantvictory for a Destiny Clan invite. We have a very active group in Destiny. @beers_and_leafs for CoD and we usually have a few playing Fortnite every night. We just play Zero Build.

Welcome to GRG!

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Shout out to @Lala_Calamari @Grex and @beers_and_leafs - thanks for letting me squad up with you guys last night! I really enjoyed it. Next time we’ll get that sweet sweet Victory Royale!


yeah, good games last night.