AlphaMack's Intro

Hey guys, AlphaMack here!

Heard about the clan through Reddit and thought it fit my play style. I’m a 28yo Systems Administrator, located in the Detroit, MI area. Married, no kids though (yet). Avid drinker/toker. Just bought my PS4 after primarily being a PC enthusiast for years. Destiny is my shit right now, and I’m looking for some chill people to RAID/Strike and hang with. I am on most nights for a bit, so hit me up.

PSN: AlphaMack
Steam: erebusXZ

Welcome to the clan!


Welcome to the clan!

Thanks guys! Looking forward to shooting people in the face

Welcome to the clan!

Welcome tot he party.

@Karas is also from michigan. i believe he said grand rapids. My family is from dearborn. they moved around the 80s tho to FL.

good playing with you tonight. if you need any pointers lemme know. i tend to stick to objective based games. this weekend is double XP so that will help you get up there quick.