Altered Carbon (SPOILERS THREAD)

Starting a spoilers thread for Altered Carbon. If you haven’t finished the season then turn back now. You have been warned.


I just watched Episode 1 and I dig it. I love how they did the back story. In the book it was a chapter and that was it. They did a good job filling in a lot of the internal dialog as well. Love the scene before they go to the strip club where he’s blasted with ads. That’s probably sooner a reality than you think. Also completely forgot about the hotel lobby scene. Once I saw it I remembered. Good start so far.

Just finished episode 7 or 8. It’s kept me interested and nice to see something fairly original.

Every time the family walks in the room it’s either a sex scene, or naked skinny bitches sword fighting.

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That sword fight… :heart_eyes_cat:

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Can we assume they will have another season?

We didn’t get to see what Kovash looked like in his new sleeve.

The naked clone chick fight was a wonderful scene.

My only critique is that they both weren’t naked.

Great story, good writing, acting, fights and nudity.

Even some floppy dicks for those of you who like that sort of thing.

One of my best all time sci-fi shows.


Never ever ask these things.

The books explain it really well.
The stacks only work because they are installed at the age of 1.
If you die before then, nothing to retain. And they can’t be installed until 1 because brain chemistry is not stabilized to that point.
Basically the tech theory argues that all memory and experience is chemically based and transmitted via fluids in the spinal column. The fluids run through the stack which imprints the chemical signatures for these fluids to this special alien metal that the stack is made from (it’s mostly liquid metal inside the casing).
This alien metal has special properties that allows it to take the analog of the spinal fluid and the encoded experiences and store them as data that is then slowly filtered through a digital processor allowing for basic processes like sleaving, backing up, and so forth.
In the beginning the stack was simply a storage device and when one sleave expired an new one was cloned.
Quellcrist changed all that when she developed the algorithm to digitize the analog medium…
And … according to the tv series (which is slighly different) … that is the reason she led the Envoys to begin the uprising to prevent the Corporate Elites from using her tech to simply subjegate whole populations…

Which is what has happened 300 years later…
At least that’s how I remember it.

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I think I would of bought into the “sleeves” better if they used cloned bodies more. It’s a neat concept, I just didn’t buy fully into it.

Just finished the show.
Sorely tempted to buy and read (all the) book(s) now.

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I was thinking the same thing.

Maybe post a thread. Someone may have the ebooks they can email you,

I completely disagree with this

What do you think?

I disagree with most of it.
I think there are one or two minor good points in there, but they’re difficult to pick out.

I also harshly judge anyone writing a review for an entertainment site who doesn’t remain professional and descends to the level of scathing jibes.

It is also the best episode of the season, but that doesn’t say anything about the show, does it? Sarcasm

All in all, I really enjoyed the universe/show and want to see more.
Perhaps it won’t be considered a classic, or ground-breaking, sure it had its flaws - but I’d still highly recommend it.

Well, judging by this:

Season 2 will be based on Broken Angels, considering that season pretty much wrapped up the whole Altered Carbon book in a nice little package.
I’ll be jazzed to see the alien tech introduced if they go that route. The whole story line revolving around the archaeological excavation of ancient alien technology was really cool.

I couldn’t disagree with everything I read in that article any more than I already do.
I loved the books, and I loved the netflix series. I hope they make more. Hell, I’m not opposed with them taking it in a completely original direction that isn’t tied to the books. The potential is endless, and they are never tied to specific actors.

As is ever the case with a (good) fictional universe.
I hope they continue to write episodes, even if they end up going completely away from the books.

Not enough naked Ortega for me in that show. Jesus the body on her.

Anyway, just finished it and really enjoyed the show. Basically binged it all over 2 days. I had plenty of moments where the pieces of the puzzle seemed all over the place but it was what I expected.

Watched it in HDR with Dolby Atmos in the headphones and it was amazing. Visually so well done.



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This times 1,000

Ortega was pretty fucking hot. The mystery felt it was all over the place and finished kind of sloppy for me. I understand the new season (should there be one) will feature a new cast of characters, which should make it all the better because I don’t know what stories are still left to tell with this group. Well… outside of Kovacs trying to destroy the stacks with Quell’s solution.

I will say it really fleshed out the universe well throughout the season.

And am I the only one that will kind of miss Poe?

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Poe was my favorite character of the season (minus the hotness of Ortega)

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He lost me when he used the word “Progressive”

Fuck Louis Skye. Fuck him right in his “progressive” ass.

It was a great series. Hopefully we will see another season.

Yea, the further stories in the written Kovacs series all take place decades apart and span centuries, and with the exception of Takeshi … and some strange issues with Quellcrist… none of the books really have many characters that cross story-lines. It’s really supposed to be a Cyberpunk Noir… the books really read like the old school Hardboiled Dime Detective paperbacks. I’m pretty sure the whole series was sort of homage to that style of story telling.

As far as recurring sleeves I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity through flashbacks and other tropes to bring back some of the old favorite faces. This format really leans into the Dr. Who style main character, but with a more Dick Tracy flavoring.