American Gods

Anyone watching this show? They have 2 episodes out and it’s about as trippy as Legion. It seems pretty interesting so far for only being 2 episodes in. Still trying to sort out what’s going on.

IGN has a good spoiler free explanation of things. Worth a read.

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It’s really trippy / odd. Very much like Legion was. I’m going to give it a go but I wasn’t a big fan of that style with Legion. I’m ok with some oddity but I don’t want it to be the whole show. I don’t like watching shit not knowing if it’s real or in the main characters mind.

i’ve heard some good things about the show in general, but haven’t been able to catch it. maybe when the whole season is available and i’m able to binge.

Seems like an interesting series. Never even heard of the book/s.

I just finished the second episode last night. It’s surprisingly interesting. I’ll hit the 3rd tonight and see what happens after that game ended.

They love showing the peen…

It’s what keeps Lala interested

Just when I thought I knew what direction this show was going, and what type of show it would be, the newest episode aired. Wtf

I actually liked the last episode.

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Same. It threw me for a loop and was a nice change from the other story. I’m more confused as ever though.