Anthem 2.0?

Anthem isn’t dead yet. Bioware is still working on it. Are you still interested or would you still play it?

The studio is apparently working to “drastically” changing loot, the world, and mission structure. According to one source, the team has spent a few months “tearing it down and figuring out what needed to change fundamentally,” and rebuilding for months afterward.

Will it be a new game or just an add on?

BioWare could also release “ Anthem 2.0” as an entirely new game, Kotaku reported, though it’s unlikely that original Anthem owners would be forced to purchase the game again.

Still “It’s safe to say that Anthem won’t suddenly transform into a brand-new franchise,” Kotaku says. “BioWare’s plan is to zoom out and overhaul the gameplay systems that most have agreed don’t work.”

I think it’s completely lifeless, face down in a fucking puddle.

Though, they managed to get people playing NMS after a huge amount of time/changes, so maybe I’m wrong.

I doubt they’ll get enough interest to keep it alive long though, their model was clearly intended to be a GaaS.

It would require a complete teardown and overhaul for me to give it a try. Agree with the NMS point, if they can rebuild and deliver what they initially promised Id give it a shot.

I want to give it a shot but I will now wait until I hear that’s it’s great before I commit time or money

I am with Val on this one. i need the community to see what they have done then maybe i will think about going back.

Ditto, I want to see a metric ton of everything done before I think about downloading it again. I

Lol… Everyone waits so no one gets. I think it might be too little too late?

It’s just as dead as Division 2, although Division 2 ran better.

I wonder why they are even putting the effort through on this? I guess they think they can continue the franchise and are just saving face. I think people will check it out as they already own it but doubt they will stick around.

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If they completely overhauled the whole game and made it actually work…I might give it exactly 1 play session of a chance. That being said it would have to blow my mind to make me regret my previous purchase less or keep me playing.

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If they fix the issues I’m game to play the hell out of again, I enjoyed it for the most part just the bugs and them not being able to get the numbers right annoyed me the most