Any Battlefield 4 players still standing?

Just curious to see if anyone jumps on the old BF4 XB1?

I do from time to time, especially since I hated Hardline. I am currently out of the country but feel free to add me and hit me up if you want to play some BF4 in the future

GT: azshortbus35
I am in Arizona, so currently we are Mountain Time

@mnvikesfan was looking at firing up a BF4 night sometime soon.

I can reload it if there is interest, but I don’t have the new map packs.

I’ve been wanting to play lately. Hit me up sometime and we’ll play

Cool! I wasn’t expecting a lot of interest in it! I’ll add you guys and we’ll shoot some fools

Definitely. This is one of the few games i bought Digital. Always up for playing.

XB1 GT: GhstWlkrs
Steam: Enyo Bellona

Someone needs to set up an event for this

I’m down to play some BF4!

GT: TheGrayBush00

@TexasReaperCrew set up an event for this. Sign up here if your’e interested in playing. He has it scheduled for next Thursday the 10th.

Let me know how it goes, I am not back in the states until the 17th.
Then I am spending a week in Hawaii with my entire family. All 9 of us.
So earliest I will be gaming again would be Christmas Day or 26th.

I will add all you guys to the FL if you weren’t already

Almost every day . Caps are poppin and sacs are droppin!!! Wooot!