Any home photography experts here?

I’m in the market for a new telephoto lense in the near future, moderate to high end. Best we have now is a basic 55-250mm lense that came with the package. Use is primarily for school events but more importantly for the stadium shooting of kids in marching band. Soo…some rapid movement so fast focus would be good. Price range can be in the 1-2.5k or so…nothing beyond that for sure.

Thanks in advance.

What camera do you have? I can talk to my father in law. He’s really into sports photography (because of the grand kids and retirement). He has some sports illustrated size lenses.

Body is a Canon Rebel T1i.

Home pornography experts…oh wait…I read that wrong.

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My phone shoots great porn.

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From my Father in Law. We both have Nikon.

I use a 200-500 Nikon lens for soccer. Sometimes a 70-200 Nikon. Probably work for marching band and Canon makes an excellent 70-200 and 100-400 lens. Tamron and Sigma make 70-200 and 150-500 (600?) lenses for everybody, and the newer models are rated excellent. Good luck!!

My 50-200 works well for goalie pics but I’m standing on the sideline. You probably need the bigger lens as you’ll be further out.

Thanks for the help @Lala_Calamari . Opted for: EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS II USM

Holy Shit, that’s a nice lens. Enjoy. You’ll get great shots with that.

My big lens is a Nikon 55-300mm. It’s all I need for taking shots of the Keeper on the side lines. You’ll need that 400 for the Marching Band shots.

Holy fucking monster. Thing must be 7-8 pounds alone. Definitely have to use the monopod - at least - from now on.