Any interest in a Cyrodiil Skyshard / Delve clear? Thursday 5/3

Anyone interested in doing a Cyrodiil Skyshard / Delve clear? I need ALL the skill points I can get for my Dragonknight and would like to clear out Cyrodiil. This would be for AD characters only as it’d be the only way we could group up in Cyrodiil.

I’m thinking we guest into a low population campaign that’s over rank 50. Just gauging interest now. I’ll get details later if people want to run this.


I’m interested, and I’m betting @ezekielJP would be interested too.
He’s got a whole story about why he needs to complete a mission in a Cyrodill Dungeon.

I can go on my NB for sure! Wouldnt mind a bit of PVP either. Lets see if I can manage to rack up a few levels on my Warden and make it with him. At 30 so far. BTW Crates are up so if you logged in for 6 days straight you should have em.

I got nothing other than a pet and 2 appearance items. I never get a mount out of them damnit.

With GRG? lol, don’t hold your breath. I can’t even get a squad to meet me in front of a castle.

Heavy is the head that constantly hears, “Has anyone seen the crown?”

At what time are we doing this?

Probably start sometime after 9 PM EST.

@ESOPlayers any interest?

maybe…but Iron banner

What can you possibly need from the Iron Banner that you already don’t have? Any gear will be useless as the Light Level is set to increase.

I don’t need anything…I enjoy IB and playing with the GRG community…as you are stealing 3 of our guys…maybe i will join

I think you’re ok as only Rigonn showed interest in this. It will be squirrely going North with just

I will run with you.

GG @Rigonn and @ixL0N3W0LFxi We three manned that one dungeon and got a couple of skyshards in Cyrodiil. That one Delve had to of been bugged. I’m not sure what we were missing.

Bonus for the evening was ganking those scrubs.

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@Lala_Calamari I’ve been doing some reading up on this. I found this in a Zenimax forum:

I do agree several delves are bs on respawn

  • Bloodmayne Cave
  • Lipsand Tarn
  • Toadstool Hollow
  • Newt Cave
    All these tend to spawn bosses in bs manner and you need to wait about 10 minutes for the next one to spawn. >And then it spawns one u already killed x times and u rage.

Sounds familiar… We were in Toadstool Hollow where we had so much trouble.
There was also this:

The mechanics are pretty simple : only one boss up at a time in any given dungeon. If you need another boss, >you’ll need to slay the one that’s up first, else yours will never spawn. If you do this consistently, you’ll finish the >achievement.
I agree the time between slaying one boss and having another one spawn is too long (10 min or so), it should >be one minute top. And they should spawn according to a rotation, not randomly as it seems to be now.
The long waiting time in Cyrodiil delves was designed to have pvp fights occur in the delves.

We waited down there a lot longer than 10 minutes. I was hoping to hit a few more Sky Shards but that killed our time.

Well that and 3 manning that dungeon but that was probably more fun than looking for shards.

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