Any interest in running Low Level Cyrodiil? Regulators mount up?

I’m trying to gauge interest in a night of Low Level Cyrodiil this week. We’ll be running in the AD faction (need to be level 10 and under 50). This will be for shits and giggles only. I’d like to try to cap a few keeps, maybe hit some dolmens and we can even hit a few delves if needed.

What night / nights would work? I’d only run this once per week but I’d like to see how many we can get or that are interested.

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Sunday is Walking Dead… and sometimes Game of Thrones (but not for another year)…

It’s usually when they put EVERYTHING on TV at ONCE.

Lala: Oh JEEZ! Not MISS BIZZ! I pick on her all the time (in good fun of course). She’s a riot!


Potential Regulators Run through Cyrodill on 2/1. We will be running in the Under 50 campaign called Kyne, so bring your lowbies.

Things to do prior to Thursday

  • Get your character above level 10
  • Get a horsey (and start upgrading his wang).
  • Make sure to complete the Cyrodiil Starter quest PRIOR to the event.
  • Buy some siege from the siege vendor. (ballista and stone trebuchet preferred)

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ok. I will do my homework…and see if i can be ready by 2/1 spent all my crowns on horse upgrades…only level 19 atm though

Okay guys. I need to run the opening missions in Cyrrodill with my AD Templar. I’d like to put together a group to do this with. Anyone up for some Voodoo Cyrodill (slight return)??

You can upgrade daily at any stable for 250 gold. 1 upgrade per day. I’d start with inventory. I would not waste crowns on upgrades (unless you really want to). I’d save them for other things.

I do currently upgrade 1/20 hours…other than cosmetics what should i be spending crowns on?

There really isn’t that many good things to spend crowns on. That’s why I have over 2,000 on PC and almost 10,000 on Xbox.

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well… there’s skill and attribute respec scrolls, crafting motifs, non-combat pets and mounts, backpack and bank upgrades… technically you can save up the crowns and buy the DLC with them too… except Morrowind.
Probably the BEST thing you can spend crowns on right now are the 2 assistants. The Merchant and the Banker. Not only you have access to them, but anyone in your group who doesn’t have them. Never again need to go to town for merchants or banks… but you’ll still need to go back for repairing items… unless you stock repair kits

Looking forward to some PVP.