Any raids going on tonight? 10/16

I’m looking to get a raid going tonight. I still haven’t completed one yet or even got past the first boss. Looking for a group to do some damage and make some progress. I should be on around 8-9ish EST.

I’d like to bang this out before Bf1 drops.

Count me in.

I got something for you to bang out

Sounds hawt.

if i am on I can help out.

I’d like to finish it. Before bf

I have to give a shout out to @OmniscientShark who has been patiently walking some of us old geezers through the raid. We had a pretty smooth run through the first part of archpriest, and then had him down to a sliver of health on our first run of the 2nd part, then wiped, and it took another 30-40 min to get that done. I had to bail after that but hopefully @Lala_Calamari @koldfront_kraig @Elgr8one @Grex finished it out. Thanks again Shark, between this and the Friday night raid I’ve done all the parts of the raid, just not completed the final kill on Aksis.


We’re at Aksis now. Thanks @OmniscientShark for the help. We did pretty well and I have a good handle on the Raid now. Maybe next time I won’t get a migraine on the last boss. Took me several pills and hours to fall asleep, today will be fun.

One note, I think we need really just one person leading the raid. At times things got a bit confusing with so many people telling others what to do. I think next time we just run off one, especially if they’re doing a good job at running it themselves (like @OmniscientShark did).


Anyone plan on finishing the last boss tonight?

Thanks for the compliments @Lala_Calamari and @Johneffinggalt, glad I could help! I want a GRG only group to knock this shit out! if we do it again tonight, I’m available at about 9:15ish (I get off work at 9) and down to help with Aksis part 1 or part 2, where ever you guys want to start. then once we know and have beaten everything at least once, after reset tuesday we can try to get a group together to do monitors and full raid in one sitting.

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Count me out.

Wont be able to get on until after 10:00 eastern time.

In my opinion, this raid is much more enjoyable than The Taken King.

Vault of Glass is probably the best.

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could just be nostalgia, but I agree with you on Vault of glass