Anybody use Kodi?

@Cootersaurus mentioned hacking an amazon tv stick, i was unfamiliar… thought it was kinda like jailbreaking a phone. I did a quick google search and KODI it what came up mainly. From what i gathered you can watch live TV, Sports, and a bunch of other stuff… what i cant find is how it works. does KODI stream off the PC in the house and just mirror to the TV or is it like youtube where it is just streaming to the Stick then outputting to the TV.


My buddy has one. If I am not mistaken it is basically a app on the stick like netflix or hulu. I don’t know if KODI is the software or not.

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for others that wanted to know

cootersaurus [8:20 PM]
@audible_silence kodi is the side loaded media center that you can watch movies, TV shows, sports, etc. on. You put the fire stick in a HDMI port and a USB port or plug adapter (included) for power. The fire stick streams from online. It’s connected to the Internet via wifi.

@audible_silence it’s like basically going to a free streaming site but the add on searching hundreds of sites and gives you the fastest and best quality ones first. Then it plays to your TV when you select it with the included remote.


If anyone would like more info or interested in doing this let me know. You can pretty much cut your Cable TV and just use your internet connection. It is advised to have a decent connection to do this as streaming is like Netflix. It takes some bandwidth to be enjoyable. Anyone with questions regarding this message me on PS4 @ COOTERSAURUS_REX, on the forum here, or in Slack Chat @


I finally around to installing KODI on my FireTV. I went with the firetv guru build.

Just playing around with it now. Mainly it will just be for me. Not going to try and get the wife or kids to use it.

Next step is to get my vpn working on the firetv.

There is an add-on for VPN for FireTV but I already have vpn service through Private Internet Access. I found a tutorial on getting that to work with FireTV.

Can you get a VPN on the firestick? I have private internet access and wonder drr if I can use that.

Yeah I figure it works on the stick as well.

I’m going to break down and get a Firestick for downstairs. I have Kodi running on the firestick in my bedroom. Very easy to set up just not wife easy to use. I never watch TV in my room so I never really try it.

I have Kodi installed on my laptop…but other than maybe 15 minutes of a poor quality sporting event I gave up. All the sports streams I found were from sites I can access via the internet, it just cut down on the ads.

What do you guys/gals use for streaming live sports? I’ve recently run across Ace Streams which are AMAZING! You have to install the Ace Player which is similar to VLC player and then obtain a stream link. Obtaining these stream links can be an issue. I have been able to locate 720p streams for all UFC events, but it’s from a private MMA torrenting site. If your good with P2P and can maintain a good ratio…I have an invite or 2. Same goes for boxing. Private sites, private streams. Other than that I get most of my stream links from Reddit. Other than MMA & boxing all I really stream is NFL football and many links can be found there.

Other than that I have a few sites I use for streaming live sports if I cannot find an Ace Streams link. These are probably my top 2. I would say quality is “good”. BE SURE TO HAVE AN AD-BLOCKER ON YOUR BROWSER!

Here’s the Ace Stream player if you’re interested.

Here’s guide with stream links.

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