Anyone miss playing those Amiga Games?

The non-profit Internet Archive group has uploaded some 10,000 pieces of Amiga software to its data banks, allowing the ‘mature’ gamers amongst us to relive the glory days of pixelated graphics, grey plastic and floppy discs from their internet browser. No downloads, no emulators, just click and play.


Available Games

Never knew anyone with an Amiga growing up. Though some of those games do look familiar like Galaga and MotoGP. Think I played those in the arcade.

There’s a bunch of cool titles. Bards quest kings quest and police quest. Even dragons lair. Wonder if they have space ace, I didn’t look too hard.

Yeah I liked Police Quest back in the day.

Also I played a TON of TV Sports Basketball.

Also, same type of thing here for Nintendo.

I was messing around with it a bit yesterday. Some of the titles don’t work, but it’s still cool. I remember playing “It came from the Desert”, a game about killing giant ants that have overtaken a southwestern town. Good stuff!