Anyone play FIFA 17?

I just got it new from a colleague who didn’t want it. I haven’t played a soccer game in like 4 years. Is it any good? Do we have a league?

You will likely see some FIfa 17 players once it goes free in EA access.

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I have it. I pretty much get it every year. It’s the best FIFA ever made but each new edition typically is.

I play mostly the career mode were you create a player and upgrade them through your career.

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Is EA access worth it. I’ve read some good, and not so good reviews. Some people say the access is spotty and they make it difficult for you to quit the service.

I think most members here find it totally worth it. I have enjoyed it enough that I have considered Origin Access on the PC.

I think it is worth it. I have never had any issues with it and you can cancel it super easy. It has saved me from having to buy all my sports games each year. I will buy Madden regardless but now I wait for NHL and FIFA. FIFA 17 went on sale dirt cheap is the only reason I bought it this time around.

The only thing I don’t like that they have start is the ten hours of early access for new games is starting to be limited. Like Mass Effect. You will be able to play as much multiplayer as you can in those 10 hours but you are limited to one or two single player missions.

So wait, you get 10 hours of early access to all new EA titles, or only select ones?

All of them so far except Titanfall 2.

Plus you get discounts if you decided to buy the digital version of the game.

You can get it on sale for 25 bucks.

I have it but honestly I never really use it. I’m probably going to cancel my sub. I just don’t play the games they offer.