Anyone successfully lit the first forge yet?

I keep trying to do it with randoms. Got about halfway through the second step before the timer ended. Kind of annoyed at the LL requirement, but whatever…

Nowhere near ready yet. I’m still at 600. I’m getting those lucky 601-604 drops.

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most everyday GRG is 605-610, I think we will be 610 plus over the weekend…I plan to see if @Masonicmage and @SigMike02 wanna run tonight…also theres @beeryeti and @Sniper_T1 who have been trying to get it done…I’ll look for ya but if you see us on just join the party…past couple nights have been 6-8 ppl in the party and we tend to mix and match as the night goes on…
“hey you need a nightfall…nope…but I do”(someone else says)…etc

I will be grinding away.

I was at 612, 613 - random group with a couple others around that. We had the boss nearly dead when the timer ran out :frowning:

I’d be down to try some more tonight on PS4. I’m at or close to 615 on all three toons. Still got a couple of powerful gear drops I can snag before tomorrow’s reset.

Since that last post, I’ve gotten it unlocked on all three characters, and have the second forge unlocked on two but haven’t attempted to run it yet.

It really helps to have all three 615+ for the first forge for things to run well. No idea what the good base light level is for the second yet. I’m in the low 620s now when I shuffle gear around.

Happy to help other PS4 folks out with forge runs if folks need. I’d run all the daily/weekly powerful gear bits before bothering with running the forge though.