Anyone want to start a GRG faction in something that isn't Ark or Conan?

Alternate title: “No-life seeking group of like-minded no-lives for a multi-month waste of time”

Lately I’ve been getting the urge to do some kind of persistent community-based game of some type. I considered just joining the Ark crew but I can’t justify the purchase right now. That being said, I thought some of you might be up for a different game of that sort.

I suppose I’ll name drop a bunch of games I already own and am interested in. If this is of interest to anyone, pick a game from my list or add another of your own. As long as this thread results in me being in a game collaborating with some people and possibly competing against others, I’ll be happy. Some of them probably require playing on someone else’s server - I know I don’t have the hardware on hand to run a server for several of the below games.

In no particular order (he lies through his teeth):

  • 7 Days to Die
  • Arma 3 (requires something like Epoch/Exile)
  • Creativerse
  • GRAV
  • Life is Feudal
  • Minecraft (probably with mods because why not)
  • Osiris: New Dawn
  • Out of Reach (I haven’t played this - I think it counts?)
  • Space Engineers
  • Stellar Overload
  • Wurm Unlimited


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The only game I already have from that list is Minecraft, which I would play but I think we would need a host.
I also do not have the capability to run a server.

I think a GRG member was running an MC server (with a whole heap of mods) at one point but I’m not sure if it’s still going.

I could be persuaded to buy a title but I’d rather wait to see a group consensus before suggesting a purchase myself.

Lastly, I also have some MMO type titles already that you didn’t mention, though they are all a little dated now…

Path of Exile

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Games I have and comments…

7 days to Die:

Have it, but moved on from it.

Arma 3:

Less than 5 months ago I had an Exile and Epoch servers rented. I left them up for a few months and no one touched them. Our PC side has grown some since and I know a week or 2 ago @Veldrin said he had a Milsim Arma 3 server up and running. Not sure if he still does or not.

Out of Reach:

I know @TheBodyFarmer and myself have it but we never really touched it because we both are running ARK servers.

Space Engineers:

A few weeks ago @Veldrin @GrumpyInUt and @EnyoBellona (GhstWlkrs) were all playing this. I have it but I don’t see myself putting much time into anytime soon.


@JohnnyCornholer was hosting Minecraft. I am not sure if it is still up or not.

Notes: A few of us have picked up Miscreated recently. It’s basically DayZ but with a better engine, and movement mechanics, it has vehicles and base building and it’s cheap.

I haven’t played Life is Feudal but I have watched a ton of let’s plays. It looks like a major time sink. Like it takes a group of 5 working together for hours to build 1 tiny little house. It is right up my alley I just don’t know if I have the time for it.

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I have Arma 3, Out of Reach, Space Engineers, Minecraft, and Miscreated. I also have 7 days to die, but that made me want to rage the last time I played it.

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Thanks for the replies.

This was my thinking. I’ve got more games in my Steam library than any reasonable person ought to have so I didn’t want to suggest something that lots of people would have to buy.

I think I saw some people talking about this in Discord a week or two ago. I may have to check it out.

Well, let’s see…
7 Days - own it, played very little

Arma - own it, have played a little. There is a group of ARMA players that are doing some mission.

We can ask around about the Minecraft server. I did get on a server with a mod pack but I do not know who’s it is. Will need to ask @JohnnyCornholer.

Miscreated could be interesting. there are 6 or 7 that own it I believe.

@kaulesh should have gave in the the ARKside (see what I did there) when it was cheap. We have an RP ark server that will be interesting to play on in a group. We are waiting on some updates for some mods atm.

He has taken this offline. He got a new car and is trying to pinch pennies where he can.


Miscreated - only £7.50 on Steam but Mixed recent reviews and over 2 years in Early Access?

I guess at that low a price it’s still worth a shot.

@kaulesh What about the many and various F2P mmos? or is that not the type of thing your looking for?

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I think what I’m craving most is some kind of collaborative survival thing.

That could work, however.




Miscreated would be a great community night game as more of us can play together. It’s a lot of fun as a group. A few of us have characters on this server and luckily so far there are no floating bases. We can jump on any server though.

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Current sale on Miscreated only lasts for 3 more days…

A miscreated night would be fun. pick a server, and have several days to prep. then we could go straight up human hunting on the server as a group. Worth a try since there are several who do own it.

I’d be down for this. Never played but heard good things.

I will pick up Miscreated for that reason.


@kaulesh so what have you decided here…

So far, it looks like Miscreated. The server that @D1G1TALC1PHERS mentioned appears to be whitelist only and currently only has three players. Probably not viable for human hunting, if that’s what people want to do.

They must have changed it. It used to be open.

@kaulesh - want to go ahead with Miscreated for Wednesday?