Are you bored of Ark? Do you wish for way brighter colors? Does Ark just not have enough cubes for your liking? Boy, have I got just the thing for you.

PixARK is quite literally Ark in a voxel world. Same interface, same leveling system, engram acquisition, wrist-gem-thing, all of it.

Hm… well at least we can likely expect better performance / framerates (HOPEFULLY)… is it from the same developers?

It’s… complicated. Same dev as Dark and Light, who apparently have a license for the engine.

Is it that much different from modded Minecraft?
I’d be much more inclined to get onboard with these Early Access titles if they were sub £10.

I’ll be buying for my kids soon.

I got this for my kids. I haven’t checked it out yet.

Guess we have no limit to how long titles can be, lol.

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