Are You Experienced? TESO Alik'r Dolmen Run

I had no clue this was a thing, until yesterday.
Apparently the Domen’s in Alik’R are the favorite places to grind up skills.
Simply slot all skills from a single line into your abilities and go to town.

This is worth checking out even if you are doing CP… just to see the sheer number of people on this grind train.

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There are a few areas like that. I was grinding out jewelry between a dolmen and world boss. You’d just go back and forth and they will be always up.

As for CP grinding, I prefer to just play the game and let them come.

I grabbed the dolmen title and noticed the amount of people farming there. They even had bots or modded controllers just camping and firing into the dolmen for XP for when it popped

Because of the terrain around these dolmens, there are a lot of places you can get up high and not get attacked. Then the casters just wrap a rubber band around the trigger and go do something else. Lazy farming at it’s best.

Yeah, Dolmens are one of the first things I do when creating a new character. You can go to the Alik’r Desert and just type +dolmen or +Dolmen into the chat box after using the /zone command to only say it in that zone. Then, you will get a group request and you usually become part of a big group. The Experience multiplies and you climb levels at a pretty good pace. If you have Psijic Ambrosia and/or experience scrolls with ESO Plus, you can climb levels VERY fast. So, it’s a good grind practice and hasn’t really been nerfed. You can pick up some decent gear as well.

To this day, when I hear that tell-tale Dolmen starting sound (the foghorn and gears sound), I immediately tense up as if to run for the Dolmen! It’s like a Pavlov’s Dogs effect for me since I’ve done it so much!

well, I just started a new build to have another lowbee AD to run Cyrodill with… going fulld stam dps dual wielder… at least that is the plan now. Never did a full stam build before. I’m on the Dolmen train now with him. @Rigonn helped me unlock the wayshrines real quick. Wondering how fast I can hit 10.

Just an FYI… from “Fresh off the Boat” to Level 13 with a combined maybe 3 or 4 hours of dicking around. I was at ten in less than 2 hours… The last 3 just came running the landscape with Whiskey last night.