Are you getting Ark:SE for Xbox one?

Just trying to gauge interest. This game is better with friends. For those of you wondering what type of game it is, it is survival at it’s core. People can kill you and steal your shit. You can also have non pvp servers but what fun is that. We can have our own server also which is kinda cool.

@Lala_Calamari it does have guns BTW, probably not easy to find/craft.

Is that a mech? Thought it was a dinosaur game

Yeah. Last time I played it was dinosaurs shitting everywhere and other people shitting on you. Now they have mechs?

I take it you have never played Rust, H1z1, or DayZ?

Survival games aren’t for everyone.

I find permadeath and loosing what you worked for exciting. When I play DayZ my adrenaline is pumping the whole time.


I don’t know.

I do know @das is all about this.

DayZ was the one originally a Mod right??

My friend used to play it, dunno about now. snapped his keyboard in half when somebody he was traveling with for days killed him and took all his guns.
He was playing again a few days later.

That looks like it could be entertaining depending how much you put into it. Who would use a 2nd XBox to host :hushed: that is if we wanted to have our own server?

EDIT: After doing some research on it I think I am going to get it. I mean you can pick up your own poop, who doesn’t want to do that… In a video game.


Yea that is the one. DayZ was supposed to release in the same program as Ark this month on X1 but they delayed it until Q1 next year.

i hear they just added packs of wolves to DayZ standalone. That will make things interesting.

I think I’ll try it out too. The pc version was fun if not a bit choppy.

I may be interested in getting this. Might watch a few lets plays to see what you can do. The mobile bases( on the brontosaurus or whatever that was) looked cool. Mecha-T Rex!?! Looks crazy!

I’m not sure I was “all about” it. The first time I ever heard of it was yesterday LOL. But, I am intrigued by it if more people get it. I’ll probably get it either way b/c my kid has friends that want to play it.

I read this morning that they will have or be adding 2 player split screen local coop only on Xbox One.

It has been bought and is being downloaded

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Does anyone plan to get ARK: Survival Evolved for xbox?

I may have “accidentally” pushed purchase on this. I’m in the mood for a side game to fuck around in and this was only $35.00. So fuck it. Not going to lie, being able to poop sealed the deal.

This will be interesting as this is not my style of game at all.


Once we have a zerg of dinosaurs it will be your style of game. The problem is getting past chopping down trees to get there…

Do you not need that Preview Program deal for the Xbox one to download?

I will be running a server tonight to see how the connect is and for us to learn the game without getting teamed up on by people that have been playing all day.

Search for GRIMREAPERGAMERS under non dedicated servers.

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I’ll be there. I don’t have blogs so I’ll play shitting simulator with you

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Lala made me buy the game. I’ll be on tonight.

Wade, you don’t need the preview program. This is an early access game, but it doesn’t fall under the preview program.