Argos killing Cinco do Mayo

I have phase 2 checkpoint and will get it started by 9/930 as per the norm, but if we are not done by 10:30 I’m out; getting up at 4:30 tomorrow…who is in for the last before this becomes too easy? @DestinyPlayers

I should be there

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Ok, I am on ready to roll. I know we want to start early or at least not late.

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It was one good Cinco De Mayo for the GRG Argos Raid team. Not so much for Argos.
We cleared phase 2 with only 2 tries, in less than 20 minutes total.
Our successful run was only 10 minutes long. We killed Argos with only 2 wipe stages.
Here’s video evidence.


This team consisted of @ezekielJP @valiantvictory DestroyerT1 @Sniper_T1 WideTech09 … and me…

That was a good time. I think Season 3 is going to be great for raiding. We should start thinking about the Leviathon raid when we start getting our light up.