Ark advice for a n00b on Xbox One

I wasn’t going to post and just use Google, but Google has proven to be useless.

I picked this up because a lot of you guys talk about this game. First off, it’s going to be a time consumer.

I built my first tool to harvest more wood and thatch, but every time I move down the beach to collect more I get attacked by those little fuckers that attacked the girl in Jurassic Park 2, a raptor that flies out of the bushes from nowhere or those spitting dinosaurs that killed Newman. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do or where I go, I get ambushed and wrecked. I love killing Do-do’s and hacking them up for meat, but I definitely need some starting advice to survive beyond 15 minutes and start crafting and building.

This game looks like a lot of fun.

i think all this is just a sign of something much much deeper…are you ok?

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This one sums it up perfectly LOL

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Well, it doesn’t matter how much you play Ark, everyone dies a lot when you first start off. Part of that depends on where you are spawning in on the map. They divide the map up so that some areas are harder than others. Spawn in the easy regions. I usually stay on the beach, gathering thatch, wood, and fiber. Thats trees and bushes. Craft a pick and then an axe as soon as possible. Just keep gathering materials, you will be leveling up while doing this, and learn the engrams for the essentials. Learn the axe, spear, campfire, cloth armor, and the thatch foundation, walls, ceiling, doorway, and door. Use the spear to defend yourself and kill any dodo birds you see. make sure and harvest any of the dinos you kill for meat and the hide. Make yourself a little beach house and you will start to level up. You can make a couple of storage chests as well to keep stuff in. Learn and make a bed in your little hut as soon as possible. When you die, if you have a bed, you can then spawn at your bed.
You will then want to learn the mortor and pestle and the engrams for narcotics.
Crafting and killing get you the most XP points at the beginning. Crafting narcotics gains you the most xp in early game.
At this point, it is up to you where you go. If you are playing on the xbox server, jump in the chat and someone can get you to PVE island where you don’t have to worry about dealing with other players.
If your not on our server then its up to you what you do next. Tame you a dino to explore on or make a raft to sail around on. Trikes are great starting utility animals cause they gather lots of berries and can kill other dinos.
I tend to make rafts and make a mobile home and workshop until I find a more permanent dwelling location.
Don’t be afraid to jump in a party and ask questions cause we all did it when we started.

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Thank you. This will be a great help. Exactly what I was looking for. If I see any GRG on I’ll jump in a party and get help navigating. Good to know that everyone dies a lot at the beginning. I thought I was doing something completely wrong.

lol. Glad to help. I need to get back on the xbox so maybe see you around there. I will be on pve island tonight. I need to start on the pvp arena.

Last question, how do I go about finding the GRG PVE island? The 2 hours I spent last night crafting and dying is all my knowledge on the game.

Did not realize there was a pve island…might have to re-up on ark life.

Did you get onto Zombieswepper’s server?

I did not, but I’ll do a search after work tonight. The menu when loading a character isn’t very user friendly when you’re new.

ok, so its a different process than any official server.
First you need to friend @ZombieSwepper on xbox and friend the server itself. The server name is ARkSERVER3461. zombie will need to friend you from the server. At that point to get on just go to the server on your friends list and join game.
Until he gets that done, for example tonight, just join the game of anyone playing on the server. If I am on join off me. I will put a couple other names below to friend and if they are playing ark on xbox, they will probably be on the server. Your best bet would be to jump in one of our parties and let us know you are getting on the server and we can direct you and pick you up. The server is running The Center map which may be a different map than the one you have been on.
@koldfront_kraig @Al_Greazy @Rau @assassin_ginger @Gunslinger or myself.

when you join the server you will then create a new character to play with on that server. The gathering rates and xp are boosted so leveling is easy.

I was having a blast last night. Crafting, taming, levelling and exploring. Flew around trying to find a T-Rex because “I can get back no problem”. An hour later I was legitimately worried and stopping on many islands to check my little book map. I definitely found a T-Rex but was more concerned about getting home. I realized that while I was lost and island hopping, that I did not have much in terms of armour or a weapon. I had a pike and hide armour and was running low on bird feed. I crafted a compass as soon as I returned, and won’t be boldly exploring like that until I make better preparations. I nearly lost a high level animal and everything I had on me.

Do we have new people on the server @ZombieSwepper ? We came across 4 AFK players tonight, two of which were on our PVE island.