ARK: Survival Evolved Console Versions Receive New Update

ARK: Survival Evolved, one of the more popular Game Preview titles, has received another update. It’s what was known as the v256 update on PC, labeled as v753 for Xbox One or v506 on the PS4. The update adds more dinos, additional TEK items, breeding for aquatic creatures and, most importantly, a unicorn (just kidding, it’s an Equus Magnus).

Studio Wildcard has provided a list of the important additions, like the new dinos, mechanics and items. There’s also a video if you prefer a visual of what’s new. For the more detailed patch log, head over to the official ARK forum post here.

  • Mechanic: Aquatic & Amphibious Creature Breeding
  • Dinos: Equus, Leedsichthys, Ichthyornis, Iguanodon!
  • Structures & Mechanic: Tek Underwater Bases
  • TEK Items: TEK Teleporter, TEK Mosa Saddle, TEK Power Generator
  • Total Inventory Menu redesign (other UI's coming soon!)
  • 1 New Hairstyle and 1 New Facial Hairstyle (male and female variants). Growable ponytails with full physics and mutton chops!
  • 30+ Explorer Notes
  • New Weapon: The Lasso

The update is live now for ARK: Survival Evolved.