ARK: Survival of the Fittest and Survivor League Heads to PS4 on July 19

Studio Wildcard’s multiplayer online survival arena (“MOSA”) ARK: Survival of the Fittest is heading to PlayStation 4 in July, and that should be fantastic news to the most competitive. While ARK is best know for the Early Access version, ARK: Survival Evolved, this MOSA takes all the dinosaurs, guns shelters, and exploration from the original and adding tribe-based warfare against other players.

Players are tasked to survive against 71 other tribes in a Hunger Games-esque challenge. This happens in The Survivor League, a monthly competition for cash prizes pitting the best against the best. Survival League has been operating for slightly over a month on PC, but the PlayStation 4 iteration is set to bring local LAN play, splitscreen, bots, and an offline mode.

There is no word yet to whether the game will be coming to Xbox One, however anxious players can grab it on PC now or PlayStation 4 on July 19th. Additionally, Studio Wildcard hasn’t made a statement about whether PC and PS4 players will be able to play together. Check out the announcement trailer and screenshots below

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I just hope this isnt replacing survival evolved for PS4. Im greedy and want both

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