ArK TAME WAR......4/20/16..

Going to have a night of us trying to have a WAR with our tames on ARK SERVER3461…4/20/16

Starting at 830 Central…you have 1 hr to tame whatever you want, bring to arena…set to aggresive at 930 central…last tame standing wins…buy in is whatever you want to put in the pot…something of value…


Should be all Dodos. :grinning:

I will be building the arena tonight…4/7/16…
If anyone wants to help hop in my party tonight for cords…

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Nice! First one to the wild Giga wins. :sunglasses:

We can have a cockfighting night…lol

Knocking a giga out can take a while unless you get lucky

Yea I was joking. This should be fun.

Hell, knocking out a Gorilla seems to take forever, and I never finished the job. Stupid bugs started swarming me and knocking me back away from the Gorilla.

Those are friendly tames…no knockout

Put mejoberries on last slot on hotbar and walk behind feeding it

Ok, I remember @koldfront_kraig telling me that when it first came out. You have to sneak up and give them berries, right?

Oh, and I think Lala’s idea of Dodo fights would be hilarious.

Make a ghillie suit…super easy to tame it…he can’t see you and rage

Ok. I haven’t made that suit yet, but can tonight.

This event should be on GRG’s neglected calendar. I blame @anon42851937 and @D1G1TALC1PHERS for that failure. Guess it’s time to promote them…

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It’s a Wednesday night. Do you want that listed in addition to Community night?

(See…I was looking at promotion already. You can just keep me at my current position Thank you very much!)

Sorry I’ve never used a calender if that was something I was supposed to do

No, I’m just breaking balls.

I’ll just spam with this with GRG’s newletter.

That is for our calendar liaison Johnny to do.

Working on the Calendar entry.

Another suggestion for those interested: side bets. Players can place side bets on mats or items.

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