Ark Tips and Tricks

Figured we should start a tips and tricks thread for noobs like myself. I found this beginning walk through very helpful. One question, do you level and collect materials faster in the Hard zones? It seemed like he quickly leveled and got tons of materials very fast.

He could be on a server that has bumped up the amount of stuff you get. I have done that in my SP game as I am using it to test stuff.

Ok, I’ve seen people talk about the 3x servers. That’s what that means.

Yea, as well as XP.

A good article on taming Dinosaurs.

Great video. I like the idea of putting craft-able items in your quick bar for quick crafting and placement. That will save me some time.

In the first video he was collecting mounds of resources with little effort. Was that something just in early versions? He hit the tree 2 times and collected 75 thatch! Same with the meat.

It was a 3x server. Meaning he got 3 times everything. I didn’t realize that at first and thought I was doing shit wrong.

Room is full. Room is full. Room is full. This shit is annoying.

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Learn to Spam join, noob! I’ve been pretty lucky lately. Last night it took me 2 minutes, today about 8. We’ll see tonight.

Anyone have any leveling tips? I seem to level slowly and it’s getting a bit frustrating. I can’t solo kill the dinos and I can’t build shit yet.

I am working on my waterfront property. Next up is a nice boardwalk around the river. I’ll bring the Jersey Shore to Ark!