Ark Xbox biggest sale

Now is the time to get Ark on Xbox or any expansion for cheap! I have a dedicated server on Xbox as well to play on. All of GRG is welcome.

Send me a FR. Soulterror08 is my xbl

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I have to admit… I may be interested here.
This could def be something I can be talked in to…

We should talk.

No talk, just do! We need more people on the server.

Damn you. Twisting my arm like that.

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Don’t! Come on do it! What are you waiting for? Do it!

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How do I let you people talk me into this shit?
It’s done.

Joking aside: I’m kinda excited to try this style of game out and give it a serious opportunity for game time. I really liked that it is Xbox Anywhere, so paying once gets the install on both PC and Xbox.

I look forward to learning about the ARK world.

I get the feeling you and I have a rude awakening ahead of us… lol…

This should be fun


Wolf is now addicted

Time to get aberation

Get the pass as new dlc is due this year

On Xbox go to choose password protected server and PC Unofficial server. Server name is Terrordome, password ST08 (that’s a zero)

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it’s easy to remember… just think Star Trek zero eight … easy peasy


Ok so I need some XBox titles… I’m now interested. I’m guessing the Explorers Edition would be the way to go?

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Ya as that will give you everything

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