Arma 3 - PC - FPS/RPG/SIM

Just a posting for Arma 3…It came up in discussions and like other games i will use this thread to post pictures of it.

New Main Menu

Game modes under Multiplayer

Night time Choppers

Map that was used for “King of the Hill”

Same map, but zoomed in are area being used

Free Falling into a Base

Parachuting in on Final approaches

UAV found in a hanger

Map used in Survival Game Mode. I think blue area are friendly zones(3 factions). Red Crosses are NPCs with type of ‘mission’ at that area. Success in a mission area mean ‘loot’.

Offroading in a truck found

Found the start of Tom Clancy’s The Wildlands.

In the chopper, dont really remember how to fly…

Nope…definitely didnt remember something(Top-left: Status Lights)

I emergency ejected…but no life saved here.

I think with our enjoyment in Battlegrounds this likely can build traction since we can have a large group.

LOL being that i just died a whole lot…i would suggest anyone getting this or getting back into this; do some of the tutorial missions. Prob wouldnt even be a bad idea group wise to do some PvE missions first before getting into the PvP

Found a US-Based Arma 3 Server running Altis Life RPG. Pretty much you have cops/robbers/civilians…become the baddest gang, mercenaries, etc… Below are some pictures starting out…

So started figuring out the commands again for this game mode…sold enough apples to buy an atv…the decided to mine some iron and get it processed for bigger payday. In the mist of learning this all over…I was robbed, shot for losing a game of simon say’s and got to see some of the country side.

On the server while i was playing, a couple of the gas stations/ banks were robbed. Havent bought weapons yet, right now i am just a decent civilian cashing in…soon weapons…then to the more lucrative stuff maybe.

I have Arma 3. Haven’t played in a long time. Lot more controls and buttons to think about. I’d be interested giving it a go with some GRGs

This looks like a lot more work. Not saying good to play but when we want quick matches Battlegrounds seems to be for that avenue.

That altis mode i was playing last night is a persistent map…just one of many options.

On sale 50% off so $20 get it now PC people that were interested.

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So, who all has this or is getting this?

I have had it since release. Mainly for the mods.

Do it and join us in Discord!


got it shortly after release

Play PUBG. :sunglasses:

LOL random rebirth of Arma thread

I’ve got arma 3 and also made a post on it. The game is a great platform to get allot off our people in a single game on the same side.

I’ve seen servers that support up to 200 players and you can create your own squads. If there is enough of us who jump on this I’ll be more then happy to start making missions again for us to play together. Also would be a great way to recruit people from the arma community.

There is presistent missions out that will make new missions for us after completing an objective.

Yeah what you don’t know is my skill in these games. I am just above Johnny “right trigger broken” on consoles.