Armor 2.0 Perk Calculator

For all the @destinyplayers tryhards.

Now, much of what has been revealed about Armor 2.0 has had a welcoming reception in the Destiny 2 community. One fan even went so far as to create an Armor 2.0 perk calculator by repeatedly watching the live streams and reveals associated with the new system that will help fans prepare for their upcoming Shadowkeep builds. Of course, there is a bit of guesswork in some regards, but this calculator should be a useful tool for those prepared for Shadowkeep’s release.

And here’s a spreadsheet version to make @valiantvictory horny!


Another scoop by @Lala_Calamari!?!? @valiantvictory must be on vacation lol. I’ve been seeing some negative feels on YouTube from the lesser content creators about armor 2.0. I personally like how they are leaning more on the rpg aspects of the game.

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So here’s the discussion on 2.0 armor Is RNG>RPG? from a gameplay standpoint we might like rpg better meaning control of the design and build and not rely on luck of the drop so to speak…but from a game design standpoint I suspect we will find that by giving ppl what they want takes the need for reply away…think chalice

@ezekielJP …I saw the news and reveals were dropping this week…and i’m Like fml…lala will post again and I’ll be stuck behind a computer next to a lake with no internet…and have to stew about it for days…I was happy to see I did not miss too much action…I will try to get caught up and see if I can post something worthy today or tomorrow

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You didn’t get excited about the spreadsheet? I thought that was like porn for accountants.

Oh I plan to be using that…it is kinda sexy

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Yeah I understand that…but I think it might open up the possibilities for a true “build” for each activity.