As frustrating as hell as these were, I'll be getting this

One might argue that the imminent release of Mighty No. 9 may have awoken a sleeping giant over at Capcom. Announced not long ago, a little blue-man bundle known as Mega Man Legacy Collection will be making its way to consoles this summer, coincidentally ahead of Mighty No 9’s release.

Capcom has released a couple of artwork pics this week to tease your anticipation of the reunion tour, which can be seen below.

Mega Man Legacy Collection still has no specific release date, but is slated to release before the end of summer on Xbox One.


I played the crap out of these games.

The game will be released on August 25th at a price of $14.99 or regional equivalent. For those of you who prefer physical editions of games, Capcom has also confirmed that due to the desire for a disc release, one will be forthcoming. As of now, it is confirmed for Early 2016 for North America at a price of $29.99 for Xbox One.