Ashika Island Weapons Case Steps

Last night @Grex , @mnvikesfan and I found the new map to be a bit easier and the new Weapons case mission on it wasn’t too bad. A lot of claymores and mines.

How to get Weapon Case in Ashika Island

The Ashika Island Weapon Case always spawns inside the Castle POI. You’ll need to make your way through the Castle which is full of deadly AI and explosive traps.

Here’s how to get the Weapon Case from Warzone 2’s Ashika Island:

  1. Load into Ashika Island on DMZ and head to the Castle POI.
  2. Destroy the roaming Wheelson so ‘Castle Access Acquired’ pops up on-screen.
  3. Before entering the Castle, destroy the security cameras that are scattered around the exterior. Otherwise, you will keep getting spotted and a bunch of Tier 3 AI will come your way.
  4. Head inside the Castle and carefully make your way upstairs, looking out for AI and traps.
  5. Once at the top floor, defeat the Bomb Maker boss.
  6. Look for the computer terminal and press Interact to disable the alarm.
  7. Pick up the Weapon Case and successfully exfil from Ashika Island. Be careful here, as the Weapon Case will be marked on the map for everyone in the lobby.

All Ashika Island DMZ Weapon Case rewards

Extracting the Ashika Island Weapon Case seven times will reward DMZ players with the Fight Night TAQ-56 Blueprint, and here are all of the rewards you’ll get on the way:

  1. Backup Plan Handgun Blueprint
  2. Aces Emblem
  3. Full House Calling Card
  4. Bear With Me Weapon Sticker
  5. Triple Threat Loading Screen
  6. Full House Emblem
  7. Fight Night TAQ-56 Blueprint