Assassin’s Creed Origins Upcoming Content for December

Gone are the days when a game was released and that was the end of it. Many new titles now receive new content for months after their release and Assassin’s Creed Origins is just one such title. Ubisoft Montreal has detailed what players can expect to see through the month of December.

First, there will be a new title update at an unconfirmed date. The update will include:

  • Nightmare mode: a new Nightmare difficulty level will be available. The enemies will become more resilient to damages and more dangerous.
  • Enemy scaling: by popular request, we will add the enemy scaling option. When this option is activated, the game automatically scale the lower level enemies to your level.
  • Nightmare and First Civ pack items will be available in the Heka Chest.

You will also get two new quests:

  • A new quest introducing Horde mode. The event quest, Here Comes a New Challenger, will introduce you to Horde mode to satisfy your warrior longings. You can prove yourself in the Cyrene arena against unlimited waves of foes. We recommend Level 32 or higher.
  • A new surprise quest!

Having already faced Anubis and Sobek in the first two Trials of the Gods, players will now be able to take on the third trial where they’ll face Sekhmet, the Mistress of Dread and daughter of Ra. The trial is available now and runs until December 12th. If you missed the opportunity to take on the previous two Gods, you’ll also get a chance to confront all three of them.

Finally, there will be new items in the in-game store. The first of these is the “Gladiator Items Pack” that will arrive on December 12th. The pack will include “the Spaniard’s Armor, the Palladium shield, Hercules’ Gladius (sword), Labrys (heavy blade) and Neptune’s Grasp (spear)”.

The second of those items is the “Wacky Items Pack” that will arrive on December 26th. All that has been confirmed for this pack is “a mount and four weapons” that “will be a perfect fit for the bath Towel outfit”. Ubisoft promises more information on this pack soon.

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