Assassin’s Creed Origins Update Adds Nightmare Mode, Horde Mode and More

Assassin’s Creed Origins’ latest update is here, bringing all the features previewed earlier this month like a new Nightmare Mode difficulty, a Horde Mode for the Arena and an enemy scaling option that will bring lower-level enemies on par with Bayek’s current level.

In addition to the new content, there are also plenty of fixes and improvements, which you can view in full detail in the official patch notes. Ubisoft has singled out the highlights as the following:

  • Added customization options for Hood, Hair, and Beard in the Gear menu
  • Improved various cinematic transitions
  • Tweaked sensitivity of Hippodrome controls
  • Fixed an issue where Senu could pass through the world
  • Fixed damage caused to NPCs with torches
  • Fixed some loading issues while using Senu
  • Added a friends-only pictures filter in the World Map
  • Adjusted the balance of the economy by reducing the price of some Animal Goods

The patch runs 3 GB and is available to download now.