Audible Silence Intro

Greetings to all reapers. My name is Ryan or Audible Silence. Been gaming ever since my Dad bought me an NES and introduced me to Mario and Duck Hunt. I steadily grew out of my GI Joes and Transformers and more into the digital space. Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Desert Strike, Afterburner, Battletech, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Twisted Metal… I’ve always been interested in the industry, even as an adult i still get excited like a little kid at christmas for E3.

So how did i end up here? When the Destiny Beta came out, i was going through the bungie forums and came across a recruitment post from JohnnyHustler. All i saw was shoot shit and drink. “Sounds great” i thought. At the time i had a few friends on PSN but not many as I switched over from Xbox 360 to PS4. I found out that only a few members were on the playstation side. But these guys were fun, and what i was looking for. Six months later I am now the Team Leader of the Playstation side of things and in charge of posting news to the front page. If you have any questions don’t hesitate. If i don’t know the answer i can figure it out.

Age - 29
Location - S. Florida
occupation - Small business owner - Vacuum Slaes/Repairs
interests - boobies, cars, guns, offroad, and above all else, gaming.
PSN - Audible__Silence
Xbox - Audible Silence (room mate has XB1.)